Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ruby Choker Of Maharaja of Patiala Made by Cartier

This is one of the best ruby chokers ever to be made and its made by none other than the Cartier. This ruby and pearl necklace is made for Sir Bhupindra Singh [The Maharaja  of Patiala ] in 1931. The necklace was made in platinum with ruby ,pearl and diamonds .The rubies are said to be in  Maharaja's family for generation and then it was given to Cartier by the Maharaja. The design of this necklace is  a small choker in the first part with six layers of ruby beads with diamonds and pearls,the central ruby beads is the major focal point. In the middle part  again a six layered design is followed, here  you can see  that larger ruby beads are mixed with pearls and then the design pattern is followed with same as of the first with diamonds encrusted to it.The third and the final part is the mixture of the first and the middle part. The three layered ruby beads encrusted with diamonds surrounds the layers and from there seven layers of rubies string down to give it a full effect with also the pearls and rubies connecting the string together.
The Maharaja gifted his wife the  necklace and in the above picture she is seen wearing all the the three parts in full glory.How the necklace disappeared from the Patiala Royal Family is still a mystery. The necklace was disbanded  and then it appeared on a Swiss art market,where it was placed as a bracelet. A lot of rubies and pearls were removed by then and the  the only one thing which was intact was the Cartier signature.
The Cartier repurchased it and  the necklace was restored  to its formal glory. This is one set that is so timeless ,beautiful  and classy. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

A jadanagam [plait ornament] for Brides

This is one of the most intricate plait ornament,I've ever come across. The setting is beautiful and the workmanship is full on.The entire plait ornament is made with silver,Golconda diamonds,Basra pearls and a single ruby adorning in the middle of the 9 headed serpent
The design we can see is very popular among Indians [ananthashaynam] hence the 9 headed serpent.
the leaves ,the serpent all is set so beautifully that a new age bride can definitely rock the look.the bride only needs this spectacular piece to be the center of attention,this piece will make any bride standout from the rest.